QSEC/ Science and Citizenship
Season 3


F93 is one of the founders and operators of “Science and Citizenship”, a cultural scheme in Ile de France which, since 2009, has invited invites hundreds of local residents to explore a common theme in a public debate that goes on for eight months.
Money was the theme for QSEC’s third season. A topical issue seldom dealt with within the frame of scientific culture. It was an opportunity to bring together citizens from all the scientific disciplines that attempt to analyse its foundations and mechanisms. 


QSEC in Seine-Saint-Denis:
In 2012, F93 coordinated the work of nine groups in Seine-Saint-Denis. A summary of the debates reveals the variety of the issues dealt with and the means employed to understand them.

1/ New start school (young adults)
City: Rosny-sous-Bois
Theme: What can we do with money? What do we want to do with money in our lives?
Speaker: Marie-Laure Wieser, facilitator
Outings: Bibliothèque nationale de France

2/ New start school (young adults)
City: La Plaine Saint-Denis
Theme: Easy money
Speakers: Karine Messager, sociologist, Mohamed Hakem, councillor, Gilbert Petit, artist, Dimitri Sandler, philosopher

3/ Housing estate “La Butte aux Pinsons”
City: Bagnolet
Theme: Money between generations
Speakers: Marie-Laure Wieser, facilitator, Gilles Lazuech, sociologist, Yvonne Duverger, member of SEL
Outings: Play “Le radeau de la monnaie” at Mains d’œuvres, a theatre in Saint-Ouen

4/ Association La maison des Babayagas
City: Montreuil
Theme: Must everything have a price?
Speakers: Philippe Dehay, economist

5/ Association Femmes de la Boissière
City: Montreuil
Theme: History-philosophy-psychoanalysis of money. Discussion.
Speakers: Anna Mutini, philosopher and psychoanalyst, Karine Messager, sociologist

6/ Class from Lycée Liberté
City: Romainville
Theme: The value of labour: gender differences in wages
Speaker: Anna Mutini, philosopher and psychoanalyst, Karine Messager, sociologist

7/ Class from Lycée Alfred Nobel
City: Clichy-sous-Bois
Theme: Are mathematical models a solution to the crisis?
Speakers: Emilie Tanimoura, mathematician, Marc Lenglet, market ethics specialist, Marlene Loicq, journalist.
Outings: Visit to the stock exchange. Play “Le radeau de la monnaie” at Mains d’œuvres, theatre in Saint-Ouen

8/ Service d’Echange Local (SEL) de Seine-Saint-Denis
Cities represented: Montreuil, Bondy and Saint-Ouen
Theme: Complementary currencies
Speakers: Célina Whitaker, coordinator of the SOL currency network, Vincent Gaillard, filmmaker,
Dominique Doré, coordinator SEL IDF, Yoan Boguet, sociologist, Heidemarie Schwermer (former primary school teacher who has been living without money for the last fifteen years).
Outings: Play “Le radeau de la monnaie” at Mains d’œuvres, theatre in Saint-Ouen

9/ Trade union: CGT
City: La Courneuve
Theme: Is a moneyless society a good thing?
Speakers: Bruno Magret, philosopher, Pierre Alary, economist, Célina Whitaker coordinator SOL currencies

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