Les Grandes Tables

“IN SITU” is a scheme funded and coordinated by the Conseil général de la Seine-Saint-Denis. Under this scheme, an artist takes up residence in a school for several months. The guest artist carries out a personal project in liaison with a class.


Tutors: Jonathan Piard/ PhD in chemistry at ENS Cachan


Dialogue between schools
When “Les Grandes Tables” organised a residency at Collège Léon-Jouhaux, Livry Gargan, the Conseil Général wanted a class from the neighbouring school, Collège Edouard Herriot, to join in the adventure. F93 was put in charge of liaison between the schools and asked Jonathan Piard to head a project on molecular cuisine.

From November to May, the pupils discovered basic principles in physics and chemistry applied to cooking: jellification, hot and cold emulsions, spherification, etc. Once they understood these principles, they devised a buffet. At the end of the project, the pupils of the two classes spent a day preparing their dishes in the kitchens of the SEGPA unit at the Collège Léon-Jouhaux. The menu was served to guests: parents, pupils from both schools, members of the school community, official representatives, etc.

The meal was served at Collège Léon-Jouhaud on Thursday 15 May 2014.
The menu:
Still cocktail, Mojito style, sparkling water, mint syrup beads and lemon mousse
Eggs parfait(soft boiled and egg yolk beads),
Black truffle/black olives/poutargue (roe),
Toasted brioche
Whipped dark chocolate cream, pineapple in spicy syrup
Caramel shells and milk chocolate mousse