QSEC/ Science and Citizenship
Season 2


F93 is one of the founders and operators of Science and Citizenship, a cultural scheme in Ile de France which invites hundreds of local residents to explore a common theme in a public debate that goes on for eight months. Food was the theme for 2010/2011. "Food" was chosen because it raises many issues, whether in public health, education, information, world food ethics, agriculture or more broadly in culture, at the crossroads of science, technology, social values and lifestyles. 


QSEC In Seine-Saint-Denis:

F93 coordinated the work of nine groups in Seine-Saint-Denis. Here is a glimpse of the itinerary of each participant, which shows the variety both of the issues dealt with and the means employed to understand them.

1/ Agoraphilo (philosophical café)
City: Noisy-le-Grand
Theme: Food, a cultural and social heritage.
Tutor: René-Pierre Brachet, chef, Nicolas Césard, anthropologist
Outings: collective kitchens of the Lycée Liberté which use organic products. 

2/ AILES (women’s social group)
City: Tremblay-en-France
Theme: Food in everyday life: the effect of pesticides on the body.
Tutors: Laurent Le Guyader, militant in the association Générations Futures
Outing: The experimental farm of Grignon, AgroParisTech

3/ Femmes de la Boissière (literacy programme)
City: Montreuil
Theme: Food every day: how to eat well.
Tutors: Clara Samé, dietician, Anna Mutini, psychologist-psychoanalyst
Outings: The King’s Garden (Versailles)

4/ Hors la rue (support for minors in difficulty, especially the Roms)
City: Montreuil
Theme: the cultural dimensions of food
Tutors: Florence Strigler, anthropologist (secretary general of the Institut français pour la nutrition), Guillaume Lebrun, photographer.

5/ Parents’ association (FCPE)
City: Noisy-le Sec
Theme: Parental attitudes and children’s diet. Educating the eaters?
Tutors: Valérie Adt, food sociologist (Centre Edgar Morin), René Pierre Brachet, school canteen manager.

6/ Class from Lycée Liberté
City of Romainville
Theme: Obesity and adolescence
Tutors: Clara Samé, dietician, Aurélie Erlich, art historian
Outings: Permanent collection of the Louvre

7/ Class from the Lycée Fénelon
City of Vaujours
Theme: Food and the media, information or communication?
Tutors: Valérie Lainé, journalist, Juliana Grazini dos Santos, nutritionist
Outings: communication department of an agrifood group

8/ Class from Lycée Marcel-Cachin (Health and Social Studies Option)
City: Saint-Ouen
Theme: Prevention of infantile obesity (0-3 years)
Tutors: Juliana Grazini dos Santos, nutritionist, Paul Skrochowski, Danone informer
Outings: Danone Research

9/ Hostel “La Butte aux Pinsons”
City: Bagnolet
Theme: Food in the past and today, or the evolution of taste.
Tutors: Jonathan Piard chemist, Rosane Braud sociologist, Aurélie Erlich, art historian
Sortie: Guided tour through the permanent collections of the Louvre on the theme of food in painting

Regional Meeting​:
On Tuesday 24 May 2011, a regional debate ended eight months’ work on the theme of food by 1000 Ile de France residents from all walks of life. After nearly 300 meetings with specialists, these residents were invited to come and share their analyses and air their views on the main problems they investigated: feeding the planet, our food system, consumer choices, culture and health. The meeting was held in the large amphitheatre of the Conseil régional d’Ile-de-France. 250 members and representatives of groups of residents attended. Present throughout the discussions, Mehdi Drissi, The United Nations representative in France for food and agriculture (FAO) made the concluding speech.